What Is anyror

AnyRoR is a software for Record Online Land Record of the state of Gujarat. This software is developed by the Department of Revenue and the NIC (National Center for Information Technology). If you use Any RoR, you can get Gujarat Land Records as VF7, VF 8A, VF 6 and VF 12. This software has been successfully established in 225 Talukas and 26 districts. Instead of traveling to the e-dhara or e-gram center, you can check and verify your land registry. By visiting the AnyRoR website, you can check your RoR online.

RoR records display the details of the property, the survey number, the type of soil, the irrigation methods, the crop information, and so on. Property, important information is regularly in a limited source. The purchase of a land register is an important requirement as it is required for various legal purposes, such as collecting and collecting various taxes and income from land, etc.

In Gujarat, to buy land, the AnyRoR project has begun. The main objective of this feature is to change the regular land registration process and start the online method, which is simple and clear.

Please note that the online duplicate of anyror gujarat 7/12 is the certification copy of any registry in Gujarat 7/12 Utara, 8A for informational purposes only. The registration form can be obtained from E-dhara kendra with Survey No, Khata No, Farm Name or Name Khatedars with you, even though you are requesting RoR printing. If you pay a simple fee, you will receive a certified copy of Advanced RoR with stamp.

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