Pookalam 2019 Collection And Pookalam designs 2019

Onam is one of the most famous festivals of the Malayalis. It is widespread in Kerala and other parts of the world inhabited by the Malayalis. The festival is celebrated between 10 and 12 days.

A special feature of Onam is the Pookalam or the floral rangoli, which is available in various shapes and sizes and emphasizes the festive spirit of the event. The Malayalis are planning the Pookalam to receive the spirit of their favorite king, Mahabali, who will visit the homes of his subjects during Onam.

Onam Pookalam design is a popular work of art made up of bright and colorful flowers. The word “poo” means “flower” and “kalam” means “art”. A Pookalam is considered as flowery Rangoli. A Rangoli is basically a wall art or soil art.

Onam pookalam designs include works of art made only on the ground. In a variety of flowers such as Thumbapoo, Mukkutti, Aripoo, Hanuman Kireedom and Chethi, Onam’s Pookalam design┬áprove to be great works of art.

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